Don Bosco Alumni

On June 24th, 1870 when the Turin Oratory in Italy was celebrating Don Bosco’s Feast, there came a special group of visitors led by Mr. Charles Gastini. They were Don Bosco’s Past Pupils. On Seeing them Don Bosco exclaimed: “One of my greatest joys is to hear people praising my Past Pupils.” “Yes”, he told them, “As I loved you when you were young pupils, now that you are grown up men, I love you much more.” On Behalf of the Past Pupils, Mr. Charles Gastini Assured Don Bosco that in gratitude for the education received they would form an association of the Past Pupils to be a Living Monument of Don Bosco in the world. In fact Mr. Gastini became the first President of the Association of Don Bosco Past Pupils. During the life time of Don Bosco, every year, for seventeen years the Past Pupils returned to Don Bosco. Later under the patronage of his successors the number increased leaps and bounds. Today with the spread of Don Bosco Institutions throughout the world the association has grown into a world Confederation with its Secretariat in Rome. In India, the National Head Quarters is in Chennai, co-ordinating ten Provincial Federations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkota, Chennai, Dimapur, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Delhi, Trichy and Goa. The Dimapur Provincial Federation with its Secretariat at Don Bosco, Provincial House Dimapur, Nagaland is animating and co-ordinating all the units of the province.

It is the wish of Don Bosco and his successors that the students who leave a Don Bosco Institution should join the office of the Past Pupils Association, register their names and participate in the activities and partake of the privileges and responsibilities of Don Bosco’s Education following the motto. Know, Love, Help one another and keep united.